Cliff Jumping Italy – creating a Contiki Legend in 4K!

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We also Vlogged the WHOLE trip! Don’t miss it!

Contiki creates the world’s best travel stories, all over the world.

They took regular Aussie guy, Matt, who’s dream was to dive into the Mediterranean, and amped this up to extreme levels with Team
Supertramp. Not only did Contiki make this dream come true for Matt, we hooked him up with the opportunity to watch a bunch of
professional athletes show him how it’s really done, on some massive cliffs in Italy’s Amalfi Coast.

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Music - “You Lift Me Up” by Mikey Wax.
These guys are amazing go check out their stuff and buy the song!

Main Video filmed by Devin Graham, Carter Hogan, and Dakota Walbeck on the Red Dragon, Canon 1DC, and Phantom.
Edited by Devin Graham and Carter Hogan

Aerials filmed on the DJI Inspire 1. Find them here:

Cliff Jumping Athletes were Greg Roe, Tyson Henderson, and Seth Jones

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