KAMAZ 4911 Extreme / КАМАЗ 4911 Экстрим

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KamAZ 4911 Extreme, this is the serial version of the KamAZ 4911 rally truck. The first presentation of the truck was at IDEX-2003 in Abu Dhabi.
On the basis of this truck were created:
. "Falcatus" SRT van https://youtu.be/oH3pnwon-1c
. "Viking" SRT van https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HfoZBCKuJLk

KAMAZ 4911, a 4x4 two-axle all-wheel
drive special purpose (multipurpose) truck is
intended for hauling operations, for immediate delivery of different cargos (people, if required), to tow trailers and pull-type devices on
any roads and terrain. The truck can be used
as a chassis for installation of general- or special-purpose equipment.
All KAMAZ trucks of this family have
powerful air brakes, centralized tire inflation
system. To increase safety, the cab is equipped
with an additional integrated safety frame.
The rear driving axle has cross-axle differential lock. It signifcantly increases crosscountry ability of the truck and traffc safety.
The trucks have Kama 1260 tube tires,
size: 425/85 R 21. Option: MICHELIN tubeless
tires, model XZL, size: 14.00 R20, mounted on
alloy wheel rims.

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